Lessons from the First Debate


The debate was a mockery of US politics.

  • Hillary is a pro on cyber security.
  • Donald thinks that hackers are 400 lb men.
  • Donald has dodged taxes, abusing loopholes in the policies of Hillary and the establishment.
  • Hillary has a right to call out liars.
  • Donald does not care to complete thoughts.
  • The moderator is okay with the audience supporting Hillary but shushes them when they support Trump.
  • Hillary really seems to like Barack.
  • Hillary blinks a lot.
  • Donald sniffs a lot.
  • Donald and Hillary both really want the American people to work, work, work. Feed the machine.
  • Hillary thinks Russians are the boogeymen.
  • Hillary thinks “one murder is too many”, but she must only mean Americans.
  • Hillary heals very quickly from “pneumonia”.