The worst facts about Hillary Clinton

  • hillary_clinton_testimony_to_house_select_committee_on_benghazi

    There are a lot of reasons I disagree with HRC. And no, it’s not just about “emails”.

    She voted for the PATRIOT Act.

  • She championed NAFTA.
  • She supported TPP.
  • She supported the racist 1994 crime bill.
  • She voted in favor of the Iraq war.
  • She approved of Israel’s war in Gaza.
  • She has been lenient with fracking.
  • She was against same-sex marriage until it was political suicide to do so.
  • She was rude to BLM protestors.
  • She argued for intervention in Libya.
  • She supported the ousting of Gadhafi.
  • She has publicly vilified female victims of her husband’s serial abuse for decades.
  • She called rape victims “sluts”, “whores”, and “bitches”.
  • She rewarded states that violently criminalized prostitution when SOS, even when major human rights organizations disagreed.
  • She helped destabilize Honduras, which caused “skyrocketing” femicides.
  • She promoted poor sweatshop conditions in developing nations in the 90s and as SOS.
  • She threatened to murder a whistleblower with drones.
  • She manipulated the media.
  • She is a war criminal.
  • She lied to congress.
  • She deleted evidence while under subpoena.
  • She stored SAP and SCI data.
  • She received debate questions in advance.
  • The Clinton Foundation 2014 numbers do not line up.
  • She create “Donald Ducks” to create false flags and mislead the public.
  • She broke election law by coordinating with Super PACs and the DNC.
  • She admitted that she is out of touch with “regular people”, and her advisors admitted her hatred of ordinary citizens.
  • She is tightly associated with major corporations and big banks.
  • Her policies lead to increased war, disease, famine, and unrest.