Hillary Clinton is not good for feminism


Her support of poor sweatshop conditions hurts women throughout the globe.

  • She has publicly vilified female victims of her husband’s serial abuse for decades.
  • She called rape victims “sluts”, “whores”, and “bitches”.
  • She never seriously addressed the problems faced by low-wage female workers during her time with Walmart and worked to keep them from unionizing.
  • She rewarded states that violently criminalized prostitution when SOS, even when major human rights organizations disagreed.
  • She helped destabilize Honduras, which caused “skyrocketing” femicides.
  • She promoted poor sweatshop conditions in developing nations in the 90s and as SOS.
  • She supports war, which always results in increased rapes.
  • She didn’t support women’s rights to marry whomever they choose until it was political suicide to not.
  • She paid female employees less on her campaign.
  • She supports bombing people’s kids.