What is a “wasted vote”?


I will not be wasting my vote on Election Day.

Democrats and Republicans constantly tell the rest of us that we are “wasting votes” by not voting for their candidate(s).

I respectfully disagree.

To help explain why, I composed the following two lists.

Things that would be “wasting my vote”:

  • Giving it to someone I despise.
  • Sacrificing my deepest ethics and values.
  • Giving it to someone who’s on the far opposite corner of the political spectrum from me.
  • Letting Hillary think that I accept or forgive her war crimes, lies, cronyism, corruption, and threats.
  • Letting Donald think that I accept or forgive his racism and sexism.
  • Giving into the DNC’s bullshit.
  • Giving into the RNC’s bullshit.
  • Not letting my voice or opinion be heard.
  • Feeding the current problem.
  • Giving up what I believe in.
  • Accepting media corruption.
Things that would NOT be “wasting my vote”:
  • Voting for the candidate with goals and a history that most closely match what I believe in, regardless of political party.