It should have been Bernie


Bernie can fill up arenas left and right with his supporters.

Out of my Facebook friends:

  • 18% like Clinton’s page.
  • 16% like Trump’s page.
  • 39% like Sanders’ page.

I know more people who voted for Bernie in the primary than voted for Hillary in the general. I, for one, would have never voted Hillary. In fact, I voted third party this year, but I still have Bernie signs hanging in both of my front windows.

Bernie supporters called out the media for helping choose Hillary in a way that was illegal, unfair, and undemocratic. When her corrupt emails leaked, this was proven: the DNC and the media had conspired against Bernie.

Buy why?

Polls during the primaries suggested that Bernie would stand a better chance against Donald. And Bernie rallies fired up a passion, euphoria, and excitement that simply did not exist at those for Hillary and never have.

“But it was her turn,” they kept saying.

Well, apparently not.