Bernie didn’t “sell out”


Bernie has focused his entire lifetime fighting for us.

My friends often claim that Bernie Sanders “sold out”, when, in fact, he didn’t sell out or cave in.

He lost (by a small margin) a primary that was completely rigged against him from before it even started.

Instead of whining about it being rigged, he started focusing on down ballot candidates and getting people involved in their local politics.

It doesn’t matter how much he demanded from Hillary, because she was just going to do whatever her money wanted her to do in the end. Therefore, he did what he could to go over her head and get real progressives in places of power to hold try to her to her word.

And if he didn’t endorse her in the end, he would have gotten locked out of the convention and been kept from making progress.

To call Bernie, a man who focused his entire lifetime fighting for us, a sell out is as heartbreaking as it is inaccurate.