Mass media fails us


Propaganda is not just historical, and it isn’t always obvious.

Voting new leaders into office helps, but the “media cabal” needs to be hit hard if we want any real change. The corruption runs deep.

Let’s use The New York Times as an example. For starters, they lied about Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine. These lies and more have costed us trillions of dollars and millions of lives, and they’ve helped destroy entire countries/regions. NYT also held back the James Risen Patriot Act article for 18 months, which revealed the FISA court abuses. And to have Hillary’s back, they retroactively edited a story to minimize Sanders’ accomplishments, because the owner and top shareholder is a major Clinton Foundation donor and a long time friend of the Clintons. Most recently, though, they’ve been lying about Wikileaks. And ultimately, they push their viewpoint that the US owns the world, that we are more important than others, and that we are in the right to feel that way.

Media corruption was more apparent than ever this year due to the email leaks and the increasingly biased media. From ABC News alone, their executive producer is married to the National Security Advisor, their president is the brother of one of Obama’s Special Advisors, a reporter is married to the former White House Press Secretary, and another reporter is married to Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary? In addition, the CNN president is married to Clinton’s Deputy Secretary, and the CBS president is the brother of Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications. Fishy.

And now, these same corrupt, lying media monopolies that are literally in bed with the government are starting a war on alternative media, labelling it all as “fake news”. While fake news is an actual problem, it most often comes from major sources or obviously biased blogs. Without comparing/contrasting various alternative media sources, we’d be living in the false bubble world that mass media tries to create for us.

How do we stop this? How do we tell them that we won’t stand for such atrocities and collusions? How can we really change the system?

Voting new leaders into office helps, but the “media cabal” needs to be hit hard if we want any real change. We cannot financially support misleading media that’s beholden to special interests, specific parties, and/or their favorite politicians. We need to stop clicking their links, and we need to stop paying for the subscriptions.