Pentagon caught wasting $125B, burying study


How can we spend efficiently if the government ignores studies on how to do so?

An internal Pentagon study revealed that they wasted $125 billion in business operations.

While Pentagon leaders requested the study themselves to increase efficiency and investments, they were quick to discredit it when these negative results came to light in January 2015.

Regardless, that study just finally surfaced. It revealed that the Pentagon employs over 1,000,000 back office personnel and 1,300,000 troops on active duty.

And instead of listening to the 5-year-plan presented to avoid such financial waste, through early retirements, attrition, making use of information technology, and curtailing high-priced contractors, they buried the study to avoid Congress cutting the “defense budget”.

While mass media has been unable to reach the Pentagon for comment, Trump has promised to cut wasteful military spending. To do that, he needs to pick a new Pentagon leadership team willing to accept and act on valid information, even if it makes it more difficult to increase tax money.

We’ll see.