Ohio just effectively banned abortion


Banning abortion does not lower the abortion rate; it simply makes them more dangerous.

On December 6, Ohio secretly passed a law banning abortions after 6 weeks. They’re calling it the “Heartbeat Bill”.

How do you catch a pregnancy in the first 6 weeks?

About 18.6 million women in the US have irregular periods, and first pregnancies don’t usually show until several months along. That means that those people would not even know that they’re pregnant in the 6 week window. But fuck them, right?

What about rape?

Each year in the US, over 10.5 thousand abortions are performed after rape. Most people will not be able to save up the money in that 6 week window. But fuck them, right?

What about serious health concerns?

Each year in the US, almost 32 thousand abortions are performed when the baby has serious health problems. Those aren’t hardly ever known in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, and many women won’t even know that they’re pregnant until after that window. The baby could be unable to live outside of the womb at all, endure a horrifically painful few hours of life before dying, cause its twin in the womb to die, or kill the mother itself. But fuck them, right?

What about saving lives?

Making abortions illegal does nothing to lower the abortion rate, which studies have shown time and time again. They just cause more pain and death for everyone involved. But fuck them, right?