Don’t donate to Salvation Army


The Salvation Army was originally created to ban the “Three As”: alcohol, atheism, and anarchy.

The Salvation Army is homophobic.

The Salvation Army is racist.

  • They removed Aboriginal children from their families and gave them to white families.
  • They call traditional African religion “witchcraft” and tried to remove it from South Africa’s constitution.

The Salvation Army is a religious cult.

  • Members are can only marry within the organization, and they have to leave if they marry “civilians”, which is what they call those who aren’t members.
  • Members have to get permission to go on dates.
  • They uses funds raised for charity for evangelical work.
  • The founder claimed that it was not “whether a man died in the poorhouse but if his soul was saved“.
  • They aim to control lives so much that they even condemn computer and arcade games.

The Salvation Army are criminals.

The Salvation Army supports the War on Drugs.

The Salvation Army exploits poor and disabled people.

  • They employ disabled people for only $8/day.
  • They make homeless and/or alcoholic members work for meager wages while paying to live in their shelters.
  • They don’t allow women to live in these shelters.
  • They argue that the symptoms of poverty (alcohol abuse, prostitution, etc.) are its cause.

Addendum: Due to popular request, I have added my sources. Also, this is not anti-charity. You can find a list of more reputable charities here.


2 thoughts on “Don’t donate to Salvation Army

  1. Also the Rescue Mission downtown at least as of 2015 was not taking people with wheel chairs..they have steps and won’t even bring food up. I stopped donating.

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