Why does the US still need feminism?

I’ve been asked this question several times in the last few days, so I figured that I’d make a quick list.

  • Necessary menstruation-related medical items are taxed as “luxury goods”, along with alcohol, tobacco, jewelry, and sports cars.
  • Women still hold less than 20% of Congress seats.
  • Women are paid 23% less than men.
  • When people get married, it is assumed the woman will take the man’s last name.
  • It is assumed that a father will “give away” his daughter to another man in a wedding ceremony, like property.
  • Women feel ashamed after being sexually assaulted.
  • Instead of teaching people to not objectify women, we teach the women how to prevent rape.
  • We tell women that walking alone at night makes them “easy targets”.
  • A movie’s rating depends on how much a woman enjoys the sex scene.
  • Women’s bodies are legislated.
  • Fast food restaurants ask if a child wants a “boy toy” or a “girl toy”.
  • People call others weak by using the terms “pussy” and “bitch”.
  • Women are expected to be hairless from their eyes down.

And not only women are harmed by the patriarchy. Men are too.

  • Male sexual assault is minimized and dismissed, which keeps victims from coming forward.
  • Men are discouraged from spending too much time with their children and are seen as weak when their spouses are the financial providers.
  • Many men may not even realize they’re being abused in domestic violence scenarios, because there is no female-on-male violence dialogue.
  • Toxic masculinity makes men afraid to show emotion, a “feminine” trait, which causes unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as a higher rate of alcoholism, aggression toward women and gay men, and suicide.

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