Resource Based Economies 101

[Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Dlany Sea, the writer behind Infinite Living and Positive Energy Project.]

The current system we have is not working out for a majority of people.

We could spend lifetimes talking about global government corruption. Or, we can move forward with a socioeconomic system that works for the everyone, not just a few.

Imagine working less and having more. While it’s great to imagine, we could create a global resource based economy. Everyone could have access to healthcare, a relevant education, nutritious food, and clean water. Using technology, we could restructure our economy to focus on sustainability and efficiency. We could then divert from a system that only seeks profits at the expense of many.

In a resource based economy, not everyone may get to eat as many bananas as they want, all the time. It isn’t a fairytale utopia where you are feasting on infinite resources all the time. Unfortunately, human nature encourages overconsumption. Or are we just conditioned to behave in a certain way, under the illusion of scarcity? Can we learn moderation? Can we evolve on a conscious level to mitigate violence, war, poverty and restrictions?

Even if we reached that point, would we be able to “play nice” and love one another to live in peace? If not, how would we address power and violence issues if they did occur in a resource based economy? How could we prevent theft, resource hacking, or resource manipulation? How could we avoid groups or individuals from having more power than others? How could we avoid diverting back to currency-based systems?

These are a few major concerns that I have with the idea of a resource based economy. While it sounds like an exquisite concept, there will be many kinks to work out upon moving forward. I support the idea of testing a small scale resource based economy, but we reach a dilemma. If a resource based economy is going to benefit all humans to the max, global resources are essential.

As we evolve as humans, we need to make a decision on what we want to set as a priority in our lives. Do we want to live in peace? Do we want more access to clean water and high quality food? Do we want to live in a less restricted society? If our goal is to have as many digits as possible in an account, we are on the right path. If we want to live in a sustainable way that doesn’t destroy the planet, we need to change the way we are living. Such drastic changes are not easy, but they may be vital to the success and health of the future.

By asking these questions, we can work toward sustainable solutions that benefit all people. There are many systems in place that would never allow a resource based economy to occur. I believe 90+ percent of people would have to support this economic structure in order for it to succeed.  The probability of that occurring seems slim, so now the question is “Where do we go from here?”

Do we continue to accept a system that isn’t working?

Or do we move forward to create a system that works for the people?

The choice is ours.


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