Why Racial “Color Blindness” is Harmful

Racial color blindness may seem like a nice, hippy, feel-good solution to modern racism, but it actually causes more problems than it fixes.

It’s unlikely that white people in the US have been discriminated against due to their race. Thus, they’re able to ignore racism and accept the social order.

To others who regularly encounter difficulties due to race, many holes are immediately noted in the philosophy.

  • It denies cultural heritage and negative racial experiences.
  • It undercuts the foundations of affirmative action.
  • It fails to acknowledge the racial construction of whiteness and supports systems of privilege and oppression.
  • It discourages people from acknowledging the racism they face.
  • It views racism at the individual level without looking at the larger societal, institutional, and structural mechanisms in which racism operates.
  • It assumes we live in a country where race no longer matters, even though is still a major issue.
  • It invalidates people’s identities.
  • It narrows white people’s understanding of the world, disconnection them.

This is all caused by a lack of knowledge about and/or direct exposure to the discrimination that still exists.

Look, while deciding that you don’t think race should matter is not a bad thing, the problem occurs when you assert that race is not relevant, even when trying to remedy issues of inequality.


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