Is it Xenophobic to Make All Americans Speak English?

Yes, your xenophobia is showing.

You can’t force people to be just like you just because it makes your life easier. Are you forgetting that the Mexican Cession, Gadsden Purchase, Texas Annexation, and Florida Treaty all made numerous Hispanic people (most of them monolingual) into American citizens? You just tell someone they’re living in a different country and have the learn a new language now, against their will.

Forcing everyone to speak English neither protect rights nor ensures that children learn. Instead, it perpetuates racist, anti-immigrant ideologies by focusing solely on language as opposed to skin color. Plus, you seem to be forgetting that not all schools in the US even teach in English, as well as the fact that there are entire cities where you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who speaks English.

In addition, immigrants to the US are trying to learn (and their children are learning) English much faster than generations in the past.

There are a lot bigger and badder individuals to fight than “brown people” who speak a language you don’t understand while standing in front of you in the grocery store line. Give it a rest.


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